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November 2016 Technical Research  and Standards Group (TRSG)

Understanding the real‐world numbers  behind Probability of Detection  (POD)  that are oftentimes misrepresented by manufacturers and technical operators  alike, when only applied to equipment resources or within the definition of a  limited Scope of Work (SOW) deployment is a new reality.  It is  essential to look at Probability of  Detection (POD) somewhat differently  in a modern threat environment  perspective.  As noted in the October  2016  newsletter.  

“In our experience and review of  available information, up to 95% of  technical operators continue to  conduct RF spectrum analysis, as  “snapshot” style, spot checks, to  reveal potentially hostile signals within  the target area. Periodic RF sweeps  that might be conducted for a few  hours a couple of times a year or  even  quarterly, simply no‐longer meet an  acceptable level of due‐diligence and fail to meet more stringent real‐time  threat detection requirements for the  type of periodic digital signals  present  in today’s ambient RF spectrum environment.  Outdated and obsolete  detection strategies and practices  can  no longer mitigate the threat of  economic espionage and other potential technical compromises”.  In  a  modern threat environment,Probability  of  Detection (POD) is at an all time industry low, given the periodic  nature  of extremely complex modulation  schemes in an everything wireless spectrum environment. This complexity  demands a new and aggressive  approach, supplemented by an increased time‐on‐target protocol that  can only be achieved by Remote Spectrum Surveillance and Monitoring (RSSM)  TM.

Firewall  |  Anti‐Virus  Analogy  

A strong analogy for comparative  purposes might be the fact that no  organization would ever consider  turning‐off their network firewall or  anti‐virus software at the end of the business day, or only operate them for  a few hours several times a year for  cyber security mitigation. However, the vast majority of private and public  sector organization do just that with their only real line of defense against  potentially devastating incidents of  economic espionage and information  theft, by only conducting  periodic  sweeps for a few hours, several times a year. The vast majority of organizations fail to conduct any measure of Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) at all, leaving them vulnerable to an undetected technical attack.  RSSM TM

requires that the technical operator  and ultimately the end user understand that global economic espionage has taken a dramatic turn during the past decade, as significant changes in how corporations and governments do business at home and internationally, have opened the floodgates of opportunity, driven by aggressive state sponsored espionage players. Individual private offices have all but been replaced with trendy Ad Hoc shared work spaces,  significantly increasing the potential for inadvertent disclosure of proprietary information, both from an insider threat and through traditional espionage activities, with virtually no controlled access to common work areas, within the modern workplace.  Executives are integrating themselves into these common work areas under a so‐called open door policy, placing the organization at an even greater risk of compromise of comparative‐intelligence and economic‐espionage.  

Key  Considerations  

You cannot detect, identify, or locate a threat of which you are unaware of,  or have no technical data to support a position on either side, as to whether a compromise exists, existed, or will exist in the time‐frame of an unknown future event.  It is essential to  understand that Probability of Detection (POD) is more than any  single applied application. 

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