Protecting Corporations And Other Industries For Over 25 Years

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You should only contact us from a telephone outside of the potentially compromised location! and DO NOT call from your office or home; use your cellphone and only from a discreet location. 

About Walsingham Associate Inc.


Walsingham Associate Inc. endeavors to:

assure absolute confidentiality

provide knowledgeable, professional and effective service

remain unbiased in out efforts and recommendations


Operating Policy: we will not accept assignments:

Without a clearly stated purpose to obtain privileged information which we believe to be against the best interests of the U.S. Government or on a contingency basis


Why Trust Walsingham Associate Inc. ?

Don't gamble with your company's reputation by choosing an inexperienced Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) company. Our confidential and discreet bug sweeps have protected Fortune 500 corporations for over 25 years. You can rest assured that Walsingham's staff has the latest in equipment and technology to uncover clandestine or surreptitious devices that other companies may not be able to locate.   Walsingham has experienced instructors and can provide in-service training programs or seminars to meet your objectives. Also, we offer presentations on the subject of Electronic Surveillance countermeasures to non-profit groups at no charge.