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Privacy, Protection And Peace Of Mind

Are your boardrooms and offices an open door to spies?

Walsingham Associate Inc. is a professional firm established in 1980. Our exclusive goal is the prevention and detection of unauthorized or unlawful industrial espionage through the use of clandestine electronic and/or other means for the theft of intellectual property.  Our management staff is specifically trained in Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) with emphasis on electronic bug sweeps for industrial applications and other facilities.  Our reputation is based on honesty, ethics and integrity.


Corporate TSCM / Bug Sweeps

Corporate Property Sweeps


 Corporate Information is at Risk
Surveys should be performed intermittently rather than on a fixed basis. Bug sweeps and security audits / surveys should be conducted annually or as needed to protect these areas and interests.

Event Security Sweeps


 As the company is planning the event, so is the industrial spy. A reservation clerk may provide a list of the attendees and their room numbers. After each session, the janitor may pick up all the papers on the tables along with discarded paper from the meeting rooms. While serving refreshments a waiter may hide a transmitter under a table. A hotel security officer may talk in the hotel bar about any, or the lack of, special security arrangements. 

Executive Residence Sweeps


 We recommend a survey of an executive residence in conjunction with the corporate office “post sweep”. There is great value in an inspection that highlights potential problems. For example, if an easily intercepted cordless phone is being used, the recommendation that it be replaced with a spread spectrum model that cannot easily be monitored. 

Travel Sweeps


Meetings often take place in while in a vehicle, vessel or aircraft.  We can provide the peace of mind needed to have private conversations without worrying about eavesdroppers.

Off-site Meetings


 To obtain maximum security for an off-site meeting, the company should engage the services of a professional Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) team at the preplanning stage. The team would then coordinate the security efforts with the company, the hotel staff and the event planner. 

Professional Memberships