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You should only contact us from a telephone outside of the potentially compromised location! DO NOT call from your office or home; use your cell telephone only from a discreet location.



With over 25 years of TSCM experience, the Walsingham team can detect foreign objects and electronic listening/video devices within your building, boardrooms, offices and even in your office equipment. Countermeasure searches are systematic procedures designed to locate and neutralize audio surveillance devices or attempts at audio penetration. We conduct our sweeps with a detailed approach covertly after business hours, so that as few people as necessary are even aware of our presence. The fewer questions raised by your staff or employees, the better for the security of your business.

Our procedures include:

Electromagnetic Radio Frequency Spectrum Sweep:

bullet This procedure consists of an analysis of radio frequency emissions for the detection of concealed "active", radiant radio transmitters that may have been "planted" within a target area.

Telecommunications Diagnosis:

bullet For the eavesdropper to successfully facilitate a practical illicit intervention and subsequent monitoring of telecommunications traffic, a bypass, removal, alteration and/or modification of the standard system has to occur. This procedure consists of an electronic analysis for the detection of a possible penetration.

Wire Link Inspection:

bullet All electrical receptacles are opened and examined visually, electronically, electromagnetically and with a carrier-current receiver for the detection of clandestine devices.

Audio Leakage Evaluation:

bullet This determines if a conversation taking place within a target area can be overheard.

Physical Inspection:

bullet A physical inspection is conducted for the express purpose of locating hardwire microphones and all "passive" devices in an inactive mode.


bullet Upon completion of the search, an oral report is provided with an overview of the hazards encountered. This is followed within 10 working days by a comprehensive written report with photographs of hazards (where found) and recommendations.

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